A distinctive Hudson Valley brandy crafted by an artisanal estate distillery.
Heritage.  Passion.  Patience.


Time is an essential element in crafting the finest brandies. Dutch settlers of 17th century New York were no strangers to this truth. After distilling French wine into eau-de-vie to withstand months of overseas travel, the Dutch were the first to discover that barrel-aging would create an even richer, elegant libation: Cognac. Klocke Estates (the Middle Dutch word for clock) is not just a nod to the Dutch history of Claverack—it’s also a nod to the passage of time and the rewards it grants us.


Brandy itself is the expression of time. To craft it well takes the utmost patience, craftsmanship, and dedication. John Frishkopf realized this after discovering his own passion for fine brandies. When he met Cellar Master and Master Distiller Dan Farber, creator of Osocalis Brandy, the two recognized how the Hudson Valley is ideal for the creation of an exceptional brandy that reflects the local terroir. Klocke Estate will craft artisanal earth-to-glass apple and grape brandies, building a legacy for the region one barrel at a time.

The sun setting over the farm.
Klocke Estate founders survey the property.
Autumn in the Hudson Valley


Growing, distillation, maturation, blending and the ultimate enjoyment of these extraordinary brandies will take place on our 152-acre estate with stunning panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains. Rounding out the Klocke Estate partners are agricultural technology expert Brett Mattingly and third-generation orchardist Russ Bartolotta to implement and oversee the latest in advanced farming technology. We are thoroughly committed to using sustainable and regenerative practices by placing the utmost respect for the land at the forefront of everything we do. We are also one of a select few American brandy distilleries to use double distillation on a traditional Alembic Charentais still, thereby positioning ourselves to be a category-defining brand.

Every day we work the land ourselves alongside a growing, hardworking community that shares our vision. Working with internationally renowned designer Ken Fulk, Klocke Estate will offer a luxurious and immersive experience unlike any other. Together we’ll create a unique, elevated Hudson Valley Brandy that’s honored, valued, and of the essence—like time itself.


Here at Klocke Estate we are working hard to establish our Estate’s vineyards and orchards in support of our future earth-to-glass farm distillery.  We are a hardworking, dedicated team passionate about farming sustainably.  We are seeking like-minded people to join our team and help us steward our land.

You can apply by emailing your cover letter and resume to:


Autumn in Claverack, NY
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